New Library Science Student

Hello. I am a new library science student, and I'm having trouble deciding which direction I want to go in the library science field. I begin grad school in August, and am looking into researching some of my options. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thank you!

Beginning career... NEED HELP!

Hi everyone!I have been interested in getting into the library field for several years now, and I am finally ready to start. But I am a little worried about where to start exactly.. Hoping you can help.

I must work and go through schooling full time, that alone will make this difficult, so I have decided to take the schooling online, starting with a bachelors. I know that ultimately it is up to me.. But would it be wise to get a Bachelors in another field (instead of Library) in case of a future career change? Since so many people are having a hard time finding a job in their field of study.. (I just like to be prepared and explore all options), Or just stick with library science throughout, which will make the transition into the Masters easier..?

Also, I am considering schooling at Drexel or Clarion, as their programs are entirely online. Any opinions or experiences about those? I like how Drexel has the option for the MS to be specialized. Clarion did not really have any info on that and the advisor that responded to me didn't really answer that question.. :/

I have also heard that Drexel is way more expensive.. Which makes me extremely nervous, I feel like I'd never get out of dept.. But I want to do this, and will, but I just need a little assistance.. How did you guys start? Anyone hear have a BS in a different field? Anyone stick with library science all the way and end up at another job? All opinions welcome and encouraged!!!

Thank you guys so much for any help and advise you may have for me! I greatly appreciate it :)

Cataloging Question

So I have this book that has a call number that when we look it up at other libraries it doesn't match. Not only does it not match but every library we check it has a different call number for this book. Cataloging was never my strong suit so please let me know what you think. Thanks a bunch! photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
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Hey, ladies! I am currently applying to library science programs, but the one that I really love is Simmons College's Archives/History degree. I have a 3.77 GPA and should have really solid recommendations.

I was hoping that you ladies wouldn't mind reading over my personal statement and telling me what you think - don't hold back! Please excuse any grammatical issues, I will look over this twenty times over before I actually send it in. I really appreciate you taking the time, and I really value this community, even though I mostly lurk. Thank you!

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Help! What should I say?

Hi, I admit that I am a worrier. I work as an IT person in a library. My boss just had a new boss, and scheduled a meeting with us to introduce her. My boss wants his boss to get familiar with our projects, and hopefully fund us in the future. Since I am only an IT person that is responsible for website and not involved deeply in any projects, I am a bit nervous about what I should say, to make my boss look good. I think the meeting will be embarrassed. Please help me! Any advice is appreciated.

(no subject)

Hello, I have a question about desk copies for professors. There are some books that a professor requested and he got them as free copies. He then brought them back saying he wanted to keep them. As far as I know there is no procedure that has to be done for this. He can just keep the books, correct? I don’t have to return these copies and actually pay for them when re-ordering? I don’t think he is going to be using them for classes but just in his personal library. I just want to make sure that I’m going about this process correctly.

Intern salary expectation?

I'm applying for an internship on the east coast, they want me to input my salary expectation. Does anyone know what the average salary would be for an intern? My requirements are very modest. I don't want to price myself out of the job.

Advice cataloguing a friends collection

This seems to be one of the few communities on lj for librarians that hasn't dried up (what happened??). Anyway I've been asked by a friend to catalogue her books. I'd like to download an appropriate database for free or for a small sum. Does anybody have any suggestions. She has a collection of around 2000 books.
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Religious experiences in the computer lab?!

Okay, so I've actually had this happen a few times, and I'm caught flat-footed every. damn. time.

A person (in all cases it's been women and I have no idea if that's telling or not) comes in. They sign onto a computer. They put on headphones. And about twenty minutes in they start muttering to themselves. Then whispering to themselves. Some of them whimper, and make noises I'm kind of uncomfortable hearing. Then they start crying or whimpering, and their whisper/low talk gets louder and they're saying "Jesus, praise Jesus, thank you Jesus, praise him," etc over and over.

I'm seriously uncomfortable, but they're not being really loud, just kind of weird and unnerving?

What the fuck do I do? I don't deal well with religiosity and the like, it generally leaves me confused and like I want to run away. I don't want to tell them not to do that here, because infringement on rights and all that.

But when they're crying and raising their hands and talking to themselves, I'm just kind of like, what the hell do I do with that?!

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm going to e-mail my boss about this, but I just thought I'd get some ideas here first. I'm re-thinking this; I think I'll consult a few of my fellow lab workers, see if they have anything to add...

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boys and library school

Hi Ladies,

I feel silly posting this but I have a male friend who claims that because there are so few guys in mlis programs, he would have an easier time getting in than me because they would want a more diverse class. I so want to burst his bubble so please tell me he is completely off the mark.
I know it's not true but a small bit of me keeps on nagging me that there might be some truth to what he is saying.